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Sourceshock is one of the cool domain names at Brandablehq that can easily be turned into a company’s business name as well.

The name is open to interpretation. It can mean that one is the source of goods that are being hocked. This is an excellent sales name for all kinds items that the company is manufacturing. It can also be a hub for services that the company provides.



In this increasingly competitive marketing world, it is hard to get an edge. But have a fun name that means something can definitely help. Other companies, such as The Source, has made a name for themselves using the word source. When people hear of that company now, they immediately think of it as an electronics store.

However, this name is ambiguous and can be applied to many products such as clothing/apparel to art auctions. It just means that the company has a product to sell for those shopping on the Internet.



When does a search, this name will come up in the SEO. The keywords can be built upon to incorporate many different themes and word associations. The first step is to come up with a catchy domain and business name. Sources Hock is definitely one of those names that stick.



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It can be fun to be in business, and an adventure to hock goods and services. One can design a great video for the site as well to show the company spirit. Whether the automobile or beauty business, Sources Hock will make for a clever name. Everyone likes to go to the direct sources for their needs, and hocking even implies getting a deal on those items!